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Shadowrun – Urban Brawl Logos

Jen is working on a new Shadowrun cosplay and she went looking for urban brawl logos. Urban brawl is a game within Shadowrun that’s basically capture the flag with motorcycles and guns. There are between 18-28 teams, depending on which edition. We couldn’t find logos for the teams anywhere, so Jen used a logo maker and Photoshop to make 26 logos, and wanted to share them with you!

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Soykaf (no foolin’!)

A nice, hot cup of Soykaf – the perfect way to start your 12-hour day in the future dystopia!

Jen’s been running a Shadowrun tabletop game for the past 18 months with help from Brian (it’s her first time running a tabletop game). When she first started the game, almost none of her players had played Shadowrun, and she wanted to really introduce the players to the feel of the universe, so she made tofu treats, glow-in-the-dark Jell-o, and soyburgers. Over the weekend, Jen was working on her cyberpunk jacket, and she realized she had neglected the most important part of Shadowrun cuisine of all – soykaf! And she found some other fans who had this thought too. So she thought she’d give it a try!

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