Fast and easy Halloween costume!

Halloween for cosplayers can be surprisingly stressful. We spend most of the year crafting costumes to wear to conventions, so by the time Halloween rolls around, we want something fun, quick and easy. That Iron Man armor looks really good in convention photos, but is pretty impractical at a Halloween party. So we thought we’dContinue reading “Fast and easy Halloween costume!”

First build-a-long completed!

We finished our first build-a-long last week! It took about 7 hours to finish, including drying times for paint and glue, and we had a great time with mini-field trips and technical issues. Check out the playlist below to catch up on all the livestreams! You can join us most Thursday mornings on Twitch forContinue reading “First build-a-long completed!”

Our first build-a-long – foam shield!

Jen’s been streaming on Thursday mornings for the past few weeks while working on various projects. We’ve had a request to build a prop, so we’re going to do our first build-a-long of a foam ballistic-style shield for a Shadowrun cosplay! We’ve put together a list of materials and supplies you’ll need for this project,Continue reading “Our first build-a-long – foam shield!”

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