Cosplay is bringing the characters we love to life and interacting with fellow fans, while still being able to express individuality and creativity. We’re Brian and Jen: geeks, cosplayers and creators of The Geek Forge.

Cosplay and geek culture is enjoying mainstream popularity with movies, video games, comics, board games and multitudes of conventions. More than ever, amazing cosplays can be seen in convention halls around the world. But with all the new attention, it can be hard for your cosplay to stand out in the crowd.

We create handmade props for your cosplay to make you seen; to bring that extra pop to your costume to emphasize your individuality and creative expression.

Enjoy incredible photos from passing photographers on the convention floor, Instagram-worthy selfies, or the perfect piece to bring your costume together. Our products have enhanced over 5000 cosplayers experiences and photographs in over 34 countries worldwide.

18th-century Beauty and the Beast

We hope our products will inspire your imagination to create incredible cosplays. We give 15% of our profits to, a charity that helps our favorite comic book artists. We love the magic the arts bring to everyday life, and want to share that magic through our handmade pieces. We can’t wait to see what you do!

– Brian and Jen

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