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Art to light the way

We know the world is pretty scary right now. Everyone is focused on the essentials – food, shelter and family. We here at The Geek Forge hope you are all safe and healthy.

We want to help however we can to get you through this time of uncertainty and stress. We’ve put together some links for some great artists who will help you pass the time.

Xavier Moss –

” Someone has kidnapped Agent HoneyBee and Monkey ain’t got no time for games! Monkey is pissed!”

Sweet Magic Cosplay –

Super Fit with Ree Cosplay –

Dean’s Lyst –

Cosplay Your Way –

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Why handmade is more expensive, and why it should be

18th-century Beauty and the Beast

When my grandmother was a teenager, she had to drop out of high school to work in the textile mill when her father was injured on the job. After she got married, she continued with her sewing, making handmade clothes for her children. My mother learned to sew from my grandmother, but my mother didn’t have the same affection for it. In fact, the green metal Kenmore sewing machine sat at the bottom of the closet for months at a time, unless we had a chorus show that required altering dresses. As a result, my mother didn’t teach me to sew. I took a home economics class in middle school that taught us how to thread a needle, attach a button, and the basics of a sewing machine, although the shorts I made fell apart after their first washing. I went away to college, determined to be a programmer. When I discovered my math skills weren’t quite up to par, I switched to technical theatre. During that program, I had to take several costuming classes, including a class where we made costumes for upcoming shows. Sitting at that sewing machine, I realized how much I liked it — the hum of the machine, the hiss of the steam from the iron, the ability to take flat pieces of fabric and turn them into something useful and beautiful. It was art.

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Shadowrun – Urban Brawl Logos

Jen is working on a new Shadowrun cosplay and she went looking for urban brawl logos. Urban brawl is a game within Shadowrun that’s basically capture the flag with motorcycles and guns. There are between 18-28 teams, depending on which edition. We couldn’t find logos for the teams anywhere, so Jen used a logo maker and Photoshop to make 26 logos, and wanted to share them with you!

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Shadows of Atlanta Shadowrun Cosplay Photoshoot

That’s a team of Shadowrunners I don’t want to meet in a dark alley! Photo courtesy of Paul Cory Photography

You might be noticing a theme on the blog lately – lots of Shadowrun! Jen and Brian have been running a Shadowrun tabletop for their friends over the past 2 years. They decided it’d be fun to do a cosplay photoshoot. You can never have too much Shadowrun cosplay, right? Enjoy our photos by the great photographer Paul Cory shot in production with ATLiER Props in Atlanta. Which ones are your favorites?

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Soykaf (no foolin’!)

A nice, hot cup of Soykaf – the perfect way to start your 12-hour day in the future dystopia!

Jen’s been running a Shadowrun tabletop game for the past 18 months with help from Brian (it’s her first time running a tabletop game). When she first started the game, almost none of her players had played Shadowrun, and she wanted to really introduce the players to the feel of the universe, so she made tofu treats, glow-in-the-dark Jell-o, and soyburgers. Over the weekend, Jen was working on her cyberpunk jacket, and she realized she had neglected the most important part of Shadowrun cuisine of all – soykaf! And she found some other fans who had this thought too. So she thought she’d give it a try!

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Costume Commissions!

We’re going to start taking more costume commissions starting in January 2018! If you want to be on the list to get notified when spaces open up, or to see how many slots are open, we have a new page for that! Check out Costume Commissions!

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Why I’m excited for Star Wars: Rogue One


It all started one summer day when my dad sat me down and watched the Star Wars trilogy when I was five years old in 1988.  The following fall, in first grade, the teacher asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up.  Answers were what you’d expect – doctor, lawyer, mommy – and then it was my turn.  “X-Wing Pilot,” I answered, without hesitation.  The teacher told me that wasn’t a real job and I should pick something real.  Reluctantly, I murmured “Fighter pilot or astronaut then.”  The other children were confused, the teacher raised an eyebrow and she moved on.

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