Fold-over Technique – Huntress Cape

After a lot of thinking, I finally settled on my first attempt at the cape. I’m trying a “fold-over” technique, where the top of the fabric folds over to form the “cowl” or whatever it’s called. I’m short, so I could make this work by turning the fabric width-wise.
I cut a small hole in the middle for my head and neck, and stitched down the sides.
I then ran some stitching from the neck hole to the shoulder.
Here the piece is turned inside out, so you can see the stitching. I had to try a few times to get the curves right.
Here’s the finished base (without the white stripe). I cut the middle stdghtly higher than the sides, and gave it a sloping curve. This will mimic what was drawn, and give me a little more freedom with my arms.
I decided to cut the white stripe out of one piece of spandex, to eliminate as many seams as possible.
Here’s a closeup for a better idea of the cut I made
I pinned the white on the outside, being sure to leave a seam allowance to wrap around the unfinished edge of the black base. I made the stripe 2″ wide, to match the center stripe of the leotard
I didn’t cut the black completely straight, so I had to make some adjustments
After attaching the adjustment, it’s ready to be sewn!
Here’s the finished outside
To hide the stitching and adjustments, I decided to put white along the inside of the cape as well. Since the cape is just going to be hanging and won’t need to stretch, I used Heat ‘n Bond.
After the Heat ‘n Bond is applied
I added a stripe across the bottom as well. For the bottom stripe, I folded a piece of white spandex over the black, since I knew I’d want to have the white along the inside.
Here’s a fill view from the back:
Here’s the current stage of the cape over the leotard
And here’s a full view (on the hangar)


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