Attaching spandex “boots” to tights

  1. I created what essentially was a big tube sock, with the features that I wanted (color-blocked top, angle, etc). I marked a curve where my ankle came in and added that as well, in order to bring it in a bit so it wasn’t quite so tube-like (Note – it does not need to be this extreme, as I discovered, but it does help the fit a bit if you do add a little curve her, but it depends totally on whether or not you are adding a shoe, and what style it is) . I also added elastic along the top hem of the “sock”.
  2. Now, pull on a pair of dance tights. (I use Bloch tights myself, because they come in a length that fits my tall stature, and are pretty resilient. That’s the only brand I’ve done this method with, so I have no idea how will it will work with other dance tight but as long as your tights are pretty heavy duty, you should be good).
  3. Then pull the “socks” on over it and position them where you want them and pin them carefully in place **NOTE: Point the pins down, away from the tights, in order to avoid potential snagging. Use as many as you feel comfortable with.
  4. Now take the hose/sock construction off CAREFULLY. Add additional pins where necessary (Since I had elastic in there as well, I used bunches.)
  5. Slip the hose onto your sewing machine like you were putting them on, using a stretch needle and a zigzag stitch (yes, I assume you could also use a serger, but I don’t have one, so this is what I did)
  6. Using a stretch needle and a zigzag stitch (I also have a Teflon foot on my machine at all times, since I do a lot with PVC and vinyl, so that may also affect it), sew very slowly and carefully along the hem, stretching as you go along. Your spandex and your tights may have different amounts of stretch, so work slowly. It ain’t going anywhere, right?
  7. Turn them inside out, trim off the excess tights on the inside.
  8. Then just install whatever soles/heels you’d like to at the bottom, and bam, you’re done! They held up well with 4 hours on the con floor and 5 hours that evening at the art auction. with no runs or tears.

Courtesy of DJSpider. Check her out!

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