­čÉëIntroducing Roll with Rem Alternis­čÉë

In Seattle 2082, five new Shadowrunners join forces for the first time to help an eccentric professor who is down on his luck. Why is he living on the streets instead of his apartment? Is he really being stalked by big, bad shadowrunners, or has he lost his grip on reality? What could a Runner team want from this old crackpot?

Join us and our friends at Rem Alternis for The Case of the Beleaguered Professor in the debut episode of Shadowrun 6th World: Emerald Glitch this Thursday, April 21st at 5pm PST on www.twitch.tv/GenConTV. And join us before the show at 4pm PST for Rules of Cool, where we’ll host an exclusive interview with Catalyst Game Labs and the developers of Shadowrun.  


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