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Shadows of Atlanta Shadowrun Cosplay Photoshoot

That’s a team of Shadowrunners I don’t want to meet in a dark alley! Photo courtesy of Paul Cory Photography

You might be noticing a theme on the blog lately – lots of Shadowrun! Jen and Brian have been running a Shadowrun tabletop for their friends over the past 2 years. They decided it’d be fun to do a cosplay photoshoot. You can never have too much Shadowrun cosplay, right? Enjoy our photos by the great photographer Paul Cory shot in production with ATLiER Props in Atlanta. Which ones are your favorites?

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Shameless Promotion (of our friends!)

While we’re getting ready to start our next costume (follow our progress on our Facebook page!), we thought we’d share with y’all some great and fun vendors, who also happen to be friends of ours.

If you’re in the Atlanta area this Memorial Day weekend, check out the Decatur Art Walk with our friends over at HomeGrown featuring pieces on Friday night! 1907655_874573809235709_6918905802555830211_n
il_570xN.604855684_jpmr This is just one example of the stunning photography you can now own, thanks to Paul Cory Photography.  Paul is one of our favorite photographers, and we know he’ll quickly become one of your favorites too!
Check out these adorable graphics at Curiously Cute Creations! And if that’s not enough, Lauren does art tutorials on her site as well! logo