Guest Post – 5 Awesome LEGO & Star Trek Creations

Bricks, the final frontier.  These are the creations of super fans.  Their mission is to recreate recognizable things from the franchise, to give life to an under represented community, to boldly build what no one has built before! Officially the LEGO Group does not hold the license to create Star Trek sets. So, if youContinue reading “Guest Post – 5 Awesome LEGO & Star Trek Creations”

Famous Movie Homes in Legos

Thanks to our friends over at Movoto for this great look into famous Lego homes! Famous Movie Houses In LEGO By Movoto Real Estate Brick-It-Yourself Didn’t see your favorite movie house? If you know how big it is, you can punch the number into our LEGO calculator and see how many bricks it’d be. OfContinue reading “Famous Movie Homes in Legos”

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