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The State of Gaming at DragonCon

In 1990 the annual Origins™ Gaming Convention was held at DragonCon (these days it’s stationary, but in olden times it moved around). As a table-top gamer I was super excited to go and see all the new roleplaying games and board games that were being debuted. As I walked through the vendors’ hall, nestled between TSR’s Dungeons and Dragons and Game Designers Workshop were two new games that were premiering: Torg and Rifts. This year at GenCon the big talk was about the revival of Torg and Rifts. It’s the gaming industry. What are you gonna do?

But I digress.

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Awesome Kickstarters you should be backing!


We love Kickstarters, especially awesome ones!  Check out the three below that we think are pretty great:



Psionics: The Next Stage in Human Evolution by End Transmission Games

Inspired by “Akira” and “Firestarter,” Psionics is a DicePunk System Tabletop RPG about troubled youth with tremendous psychic powers!

Star Power and the 9th Wormhole by Garth Graham
In the distant future, a young woman is imbued with cosmic energy and becomes the last of the Star Powered Sentinels.

Pirate Loot, A Card Game of Treasure and Treachery by Jason Bulmahn
A card game of Treasure and Treachery for 2 to 4 players. Designed by Jason Bulmahn with art by Scott Kurtz and Dylan Meconis!