It’s beginning to look a lot like geekmas…

  Holiday-themed geek crafts are always the perfect touch!  Today, we made some comic-inspired snowflakes, which one of our fans sent to us. You can download and make your own here. Not enough geek for you? Check out all your options! There are Star Wars Snowflakes, updated every year! Maybe a Game of Thrones geekmasContinue reading “It’s beginning to look a lot like geekmas…”

So you want to get into comics?

One of the geekolutions (geeky resolutions) we’ve seen has been folks wanting to start reading comics, and since today is New Comic Wednesday, it seemed like a perfect time to get y’all started on at least one of your resolutions!  We know that sixty years of back-story can be daunting, so we put together aContinue reading “So you want to get into comics?”

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