New items coming to our Etsy store!

A while back, Jen decided to make her own purse (you can find her instructions here).  She’s been taking it on our various geek adventures, and is always asked – Where can I get one?  Well, the pattern is from a pattern company, so as much as she wanted to make and sell these toContinue reading “New items coming to our Etsy store!”

JLA vs. Avengers: A Tribute to George Perez

We here at the Geek Forge love George Perez‘ artwork, and use his versions of characters whenever possible as the model for our costumes.  So we were excited when we stumbled upon the JLA vs. Avengers photoshoot at Dragon Con on Friday morning.  The talented folks over at Distractotron put together this great video, featuringContinue reading “JLA vs. Avengers: A Tribute to George Perez”

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