T-Minus 5 Days

In preparation, Jen’s been reading up on the mission she will be witnessing.  Today, she wants to talk about the International Space Station The International Space Station was launched in 1998 as a combination of three unfinished projects – Mir-2, Freedom and Columbus, and merged with Kibo and Canadian robotics.  Not even ten years afterContinue reading “T-Minus 5 Days”

T-Minus 6 Days

Jen is really excited about this upcoming adventure, and during this countdown, wanted to share why:   When I was five, my dad introduced me to Star Wars. The space battles, the far-away planets, the lightsaber fights and the crazy aliens all enthralled me.  And in the moment that Luke Skywalker was screaming down theContinue reading “T-Minus 6 Days”

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