Pride Month 2022 – Prodigy

Behind the mask: Prodigy first appeared in 2003 in New Mutants. In Young Avengers, Vol 2 #9, Prodigy is shown as being openly bisexual, having dated Surge and Speed, and a not-so-secret crush on Hulkling. Prodigy has been a junior teacher for the New X-Men, battled the Skrull invasion force, and helped move the X-MenContinue reading “Pride Month 2022 – Prodigy”

Pride Month 2022 – Northstar

Behind the mask: Northstar is one of the first gay superheroes in American comics, especially mainstream comics. Although Northstar debuted in 1979, the character did not openly state “I am gay” until 1992, with his sexual orientation being heavily implied until that point. Northstar is also the first character to have a same-sex marriage depictedContinue reading “Pride Month 2022 – Northstar”

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