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Cosplay Plans for 2013

Now that DragonCon is over and the influx of pictures have slowed, we’ve started looking at what costumes we’re going to try and make for DragonCon 2013 (only 336 days left!). Here’s our plan:

For Brian:

The Question
Doctor Doom
Commander Shepard

For Jen:

Madame Masque

Plus Jen is helping a friend with a costume, and there may be more to come.  Some of these are pretty ambitious, and will require test-runs and new skills, including armor-making and lights.  Should be fun!

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11 days!

It’s getting into crunch time. We’re 11 days away from DragonCon.

The Huntress costume is completed. The only thing left to do is to finalize hair and makeup plans. Deathstroke is getting a few touch ups, and Jaq is down to the details.

We’re also helping a friend with a secret project just in time for DragonCon!

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14 days!

Two weeks until DragonCon! We’ve updated the Huntress page, in the Cape, Hair and Makeup sections.

We’ve also updated the Jaq 2012 page, for your daily dose of Shadowrun geekery.

We’ve got some big things planned during and after DragonCon, so keep your eyes open! And don’t forget to check us out on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and G+. Each one has something slightly different!