We made it to Bleeding Cool!

If you’ve been following our costume-making progress over the past year, you’ll know that we made a total of seven new costumes specifically to be worn at DragonCon.  Much to our surprise and delight, five of our new costumes made it to Bleeding Cool yesterday!  Check out all the other great costumes here, and checkContinue reading “We made it to Bleeding Cool!”

DragonCon 2014 – The aftermath!

We have (mostly) recovered from DragonCon!  Most of our pictures have already been uploaded, but there are some more lurking on various cameras that we will work on getting up over the next few days, as well as putting on our site.  Until then, you can find our photos on Facebook or Flickr.  Feel free toContinue reading “DragonCon 2014 – The aftermath!”

Dragon Con 2014 Costume Lineup!

With Dragon Con only three days away, we thought we’d share our intended costume lineup with you!  For a handy reference, it’s also the current header of our Facebook page!   Friday morning – Historically Accurate Beauty and the Beast Friday afternoon – Deadshot and Scandal Savage Saturday morning – Historically Accurate Beauty and theContinue reading “Dragon Con 2014 Costume Lineup!”

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