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Temporarily Suspending Custom Orders on July 1


It’s getting close to that time – DragonCon!  66 days, or a little over 9 weeks.  It’s time for us to kick the costume-making into high gear, so we will be temporarily suspending custom orders on our Etsy store starting July 1st.  Custom orders will resume after DragonCon, so don’t worry!  We just need more than 24 hours in our day to do our day jobs, work on costumes and props, AND do custom orders for the Etsy store.

Thank you all for understanding, and stay tuned for lots of progress photos!

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AthCon 2014!

In less than two weeks, we will be panelists for the first time at AthCon!  We’re very excited about this, and want to encourage everyone to come!

“AthCon returns to Athens! The same company that brought you “May the 4th Be With You: A Star Wars Themed Fundraiser” in 2013 is back with out of this world fun. Programming includes Anime, Comics, Star Wars and Kids Tracks. There will also be a Pathfinder Gaming Room, a Monstrosity Championship Wrestling Event, a Cosplay Contest, and a Masked Costume Ball with a cash-bar. The 501st Legion will make a stellar appearance and present a Star Wars discussion panel. In addition to photo ops with costumed characters, a life size Tardis from the hit series Doctor Who will be available for AthCon revelers. Kids can also enjoy face painting as they stroll through our galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars themed activities include a mini staged reading of William Shakespeare’s Star Wars, Tea Time in the Cantina with music and trivia, a children’s light saber creation station, and an X-Wing Fighter game demo. Star Wars  themed merchandise will be for sale, along with AthCon masks and t-shirts. The 2nd Annual AthCon will be held at the Holiday Inn Express 513 W. Broad Street Athens, GA 30601 on Saturday May 3rd from 10:00 AM-12:00 Midnight. Admission is $20 for adults and $10 for children. There is a 25% discount if you come in costume. Tickets will be sold at the door or click here.”

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SCARAB 2014!

1499523_650224921695312_2034536778_nAt this time next week, we’ll be packing up and putting the final touches on our inventory as we get ready to go to SCARAB!  This will be our first convention where we’re vendors, and we’re pretty pumped about it.  We’ll be selling things from our Etsy store, plus a secret SCARAB exclusive! There’s a Facebook event for those who are so inclined, or you can go to for more information.

This year, they are introducing a costume contest and an anime track!  So come by and visit us!  Maybe we’ll pack some costumes, and there are always games to be played!

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JLA vs. Avengers: A Tribute to George Perez

We here at the Geek Forge love George Perez‘ artwork, and use his versions of characters whenever possible as the model for our costumes.  So we were excited when we stumbled upon the JLA vs. Avengers photoshoot at Dragon Con on Friday morning.  The talented folks over at Distractotron put together this great video, featuring some of our favorite characters, and one of our favorite artists!  We’re even in the beginning of the video, at the end of a long line of photographers!


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Cosplay Plans for 2013

Now that DragonCon is over and the influx of pictures have slowed, we’ve started looking at what costumes we’re going to try and make for DragonCon 2013 (only 336 days left!). Here’s our plan:

For Brian:

The Question
Doctor Doom
Commander Shepard

For Jen:

Madame Masque

Plus Jen is helping a friend with a costume, and there may be more to come.  Some of these are pretty ambitious, and will require test-runs and new skills, including armor-making and lights.  Should be fun!