Fast and easy Halloween costume!

Halloween for cosplayers can be surprisingly stressful. We spend most of the year crafting costumes to wear to conventions, so by the time Halloween rolls around, we want something fun, quick and easy. That Iron Man armor looks really good in convention photos, but is pretty impractical at a Halloween party. So we thought we’dContinue reading “Fast and easy Halloween costume!”

🤯 Illumination pre-launch in two days!

 The Illumination Collection will be Pre-Launching one day early in The Forge on August 27th at 3pm EST, and available for everyone else on August 28th.  Forgemasters will be the first to get their hands on this new collection. Join the official FB Group here to claim yours FIRST:  Want a 30% off coupon whileContinue reading “🤯 Illumination pre-launch in two days!”

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