Pride Month 2022 – Mariko Tamaki

Mariko Tamaki has been writing for Marvel and DC Comics since 2016, when she wrote She-Hulk and Supergirl: Being Super, respectively. In 2017 she began a novel adaptation of Lumberjanes. Check out this interview below for more on Lumberjanes! Tamaki began writing for Detective Comics, and with issue #1034 she became the first female lead-writerContinue reading “Pride Month 2022 – Mariko Tamaki”

Pride Month 2022 – Kevin Conroy

Kevin Conroy is best-known in geek circles as the voice of Batman. He is the voice of Batman and Bruce Wayne in Batman: The Animated Series. Producers gave him a crash-course in the Batman storyline before having him read the script. “As soon as they described his schizophrenic lifestyle, it bugged me,” Conroy says. “IContinue reading “Pride Month 2022 – Kevin Conroy”

Secret Identity Dresses are here!

We’ve been working hard on designing our very first fashion line – Secret Identity Dresses. Jen has spent the past six months designing dresses, doing research and making prototypes. Her idea was to have dresses you could wear to work or out that would represent your favorite superhero (or supervillain!) without being an overall print.Continue reading “Secret Identity Dresses are here!”

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