SDCC at Home – Friday

Can’t go to San Diego Comic Con this year?  Seeing all your friends and favorite celebrities post on social media about it?  We’ve teamed up with our friend across the pond, Kerry’s Nerdy Habitat, to do SDCC at Home.  You can find her essential guide here.  And for the duration of SDCC, we’re offering a sale in our Etsy store –Continue reading “SDCC at Home – Friday”

Because we need a little Geekmas…

The countdown is on!  Today and tomorrow is a frenzy of gift-buying, wrapping and baking.  And since it is the season, we found some great geek crafts to make your holidays just a little bit geekier – Star Wars Snowflakes The nice folks over at Matters of Grey have provided some free templates to makeContinue reading “Because we need a little Geekmas…”


Every year at the global headquarters of The Geek Forge, we throw a little party that is (after three years) starting to catch on with other geeks. It’s called Larfleezemas. We hold it in early December and here is everything you need to know to hold your own Larfleezemas party: Larfleeze is a comic characterContinue reading “Larfleezemas!”

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