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T-Minus 6 Days

Jen is really excited about this upcoming adventure, and during this countdown, wanted to share why:


Philip J. Fry and I both dreamed of going to space. He had to sleep for 1,000 to be able to do it

When I was five, my dad introduced me to Star Wars. The space battles, the far-away planets, the lightsaber fights and the crazy aliens all enthralled me.  And in the moment that Luke Skywalker was screaming down the trench towards the two-meter exhaust port, I knew I wanted to go to space.  To be able to see Earth from the outside, to see the infinity of the stars, to see new planets and maybe even new races was completely thrilling to me.  I worked hard in school, got decent grades, and was healthy and active.

I learned that I was much better at drawing and painting than I was at equations and proofs.  But that’s okay.  I still could be a pilot.  My vision isn’t that bad, and totally correctable with laser surgery.  And then I stopped growing.  The minimum height for pilots is 5’4″.  I stopped at 5’2″, so that ruled out piloting the shuttle.

But all’s well that ends well.  Instead, I get to go on this awesome media tour, see the launch from as close as a human being can see it without being employed by NASA.  And who knows?  Maybe they’ll be looking for artists or bloggers to go up into space someday.  I’ll be first in line!

~ Jen

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T-Minus 7 Days

Like all good geeks, we love space and all things astronomical.  So naturally, we follow NASA on social media.

Well, NASA had this contest.  The request was for people who have blogs and social media to apply to watch the launch of the SpaceX CSR-1 on October 7th.  So Jen applied.  She always wanted to be an astronaut, but was too short and not quite good enough at science to qualify, so she figured, this was the next best thing.

NASA picked our application!  That’s right friends, on October 7th, Jen will be reporting live from the launch!  Weather permitting, of course.

Stay tuned for our countdown to the countdown, and be prepared for Jen to blow up your social media with NASA!