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Another Secret Identity Dress!

We heard you! Check it out – P1010704We had so much fun with our first two, we decided, due to popular demand, to design a Loki-inspired dress.  You can find it now in our Etsy store.  Now you can make that presentation or go on that first date with the power of Loki, and really, who doesn’t want that?!?



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Preparing for SecretsCon

In our ever-expanding small slice of geek, we are getting ready for SecretsCon, a new convention being held in Atlanta next weekend.  You can find their website here.

We’ll be setting up a vendor space, and have some progress photos of what we’re working on to share with you!  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for even more!

New Neckties!
New Neckties!

Bow ties!
Bow ties!






SecretsCon – March 28-30, 2014 at  the Atlanta Marriott Perimeter Center

There will be:

  • Board Games galore,  provided by ourselves and more importantly by some of the most diverse collectors we have ever had the honor to game with.
  • Collectible Card Games – both free play and tournament playsponsored by our friendly local game store partners (if that is you – please email us at for more details).
  • Role-Playing Games – several will be listed here as they schedule in.  Plenty of space for a good number of players, to be sure.
  • Panels on Game Design, Family Gaming, and how to share your hobby with friends.
  • Video Room with how-to and game reviews.
  • Vendor Space for a special gamer-focused dealer room.
  • AND LOTS MORE!  (We are still working lots of the plans but we will be adding the details here regularly.)

Be sure and get your tickets now!

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Cool People from Dragon Con 2013

We met some great folks over the weekend at Dragon Con, and wanted to give a few shout outs:

Volpin PropsIn the end, I’m just a dude in his garage and the only real thing I’m trying to do is build neat stuff. As long as I can keep learning and expanding my skills, I’ll be happy.1150153_623869257633102_1016624288_n
spell_sword_cover_finalSpell/SwordA self-published book about “friendship, minotaurs and subterranean empires ruled by mech-piloting bunnies. But mainly friendship.
Con Sweet ConThe home for all things San Diego Comic Con and nerd news that matters!
mcluster01-BannerThe M ClusterLoosely defined we are a group of guys who consider themselves somewhat intelligent talking movies and doing funny shit.
Technorama Technorama is an award winning audio podcast that takes a light-hearted look at tech, science, sci-fi, and all things geek. Chuck Tomasi and Kreg Steppe have a good time covering odd and quirky news stories that many blogs, and most podcasts don’t cover. It’s like hanging out with your geeky friends and having a good time.6820_161353096670_5685482_n

We also met some amazing photographers:

Your Mojo by Jojologo
 John F Willis
Danny Hunter
 Al Butler
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Dragon Con 2013: Bring your costuming A-Game to Atlanta

DC-Color-Circle-Transparent-hi_res-300x281Dragon Con has been over for a week now, and the steady stream of photos and videos of cosplayers has begun.  Across the Internet, costumers (including ourselves!) are searching for that perfect shot, snagged by a cell phone or digital camera.  In the coming weeks, the professional photographers will be releasing their finished photos, with touch-ups and fantastic effects.

Costumes that have taken months or even years to complete were on display all weekend at Dragon Con, and not just in the parade on Saturday morning.  Any time of day or night, a quick step into any of the host hotels shows remarkable craftsmanship, ingenuity and creativity.  Here are some of our favorites:

143-sunday-the-coolest-family-through-glass The Futurama Family

We snagged this picture in the food court, while some of Earth’s greatest heroes of the year 3013 were waiting to order their food.  Pictured (left to right) is Bender, Kif and Zapp Brannigan.  We’re pretty sure Bender is just there for a free meal.  We believe that the family that cosplays together is an awesome family.



Wonder Woman Photo Shoot

Every year, the Superhero Costuming Forum works hard to organize amazing photo shoots to show off all the hard work the members do all year.  We were lucky enough to stumble onto this shoot.  This will not end well for Zeus (on the ground).  The villanesses (pictured from left to right) are Flashpoint Wonder Woman, Black Lantern Wonder Woman, Giganta, another Black Lantern Wonder Woman, Circe and another Flashpoint Wonder Woman.




Xena and Autolycus

One of the best things about Dragon Con is the wide variety of costumes you see.  We ran into this great pair of cosplayers with fantastic handmade costumes on Sunday night.  Because even a warrior princess has to eat, and the King of Thieves is always looking for his next mark.  Pictured left to right, Xena and Autolycus.





The crew of the Enterprise

Even Starfleet allows some shore leave now and then, although Lieutenant Sulu might be having a little too much fun.  Pictured, from left to right, the gentleman is wearing command stripes and may be another Captain Kirk (although we’re not sure so if anyone knows, let us know!), Montgomery “Scotty” Scott, Dr. Carol Marcus, Captain James T Kirk, Leonard “Bones” McCoy, and Hikaru Sulu.

Check out these photos and many more here, on our Facebook page, or on our Flickr account. And stay tuned for more Dragon Con!