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Goo-Con 2013

We try and keep track of local Southern conventions, especially the ones happening here in Atlanta.  So when we heard about Goo-Con, we knew we had to check it out! And given Jen’s tech theatre background and our cosplay aspirations, this convention is right up our alley! This coming July 13th adn 14th, the Nelson…


Comic Book Heroes + Villains 2013

On the weekend of June 7, 2013, writers and artists gathered at Binder’s Art Store to fight crime and teach lessons!  DTM revealed his secret identity as Daniel Flores to organize this great event, and we got the scoop! Posing as mild-mannered journalists, we were able to get some pictures of the action, which you…


CritJuice: A Critical Hit!

What happens when you combine actors, comedians, drinking and Dungeons and Dragons?  You get an amazing recipe for hilarity!  CritJuice is a website that features biweekly podcasts that follow the adventures of Arience the wizard (Daniel Acker), Doc Keratin the cleric (Matt Buchholtz), Dar’Jjeeki the sorcerer (Matt Cook), Gub the fighter (Tom Fonss), Franklin “Wolf”…