Face masks are super!

Artist Luciano Vecchio drew some of our favorite characters with a new look – sporting face masks! Check out more in the Tweet below! Face mask variants on some of the commissions I’ve been doing lately. Wearing them to protect, inspire, set the example and look 10x more badass. pic.twitter.com/bOBIbq8NtR — Luciano Vecchio (@LucianoVecchio) JulyContinue reading “Face masks are super!”

Soykaf (no foolin’!)

Jen’s been running a Shadowrun tabletop game for the past 18 months with help from Brian (it’s her first time running a tabletop game). When she first started the game, almost none of her players had played Shadowrun, and she wanted to really introduce the players to the feel of the universe, so she madeContinue reading “Soykaf (no foolin’!)”

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