Kevin Conroy is best-known in geek circles as the voice of Batman. He is the voice of Batman and Bruce Wayne in Batman: The Animated Series.

Producers gave him a crash-course in the Batman storyline before having him read the script. “As soon as they described his schizophrenic lifestyle, it bugged me,” Conroy says. “I thought, Wait a minute, he is the Bill Gates of Gotham. He is the most eligible bachelor. Everyone knows who he is. And he puts on a cape, and no one recognizes him? Come on.” In the five minutes he had to prepare, Conroy decided to give the superhero a new dual-voiced reading — the naïve scion’s lilt and his alter-ego’s deep growl — fundamentally altering the legacy of a comic book he had only passing knowledge of. Now imagine if Bruce Wayne and Batman had exactly the same speaking voice. It seems wrong.

For this year’s DC Pride, Mr. Conroy will be writing his own personal tale of his relationship with Batman and Bruce Wayne.

Below is the song Am I Blue? from Justice League Unlimited, Season 1 Episode 5, sung by Batman to Wonder Woman, showing of Conroy’s Julliard-trained skills.


Kevin Conroy’s voice is the only voice we hear when reading Batman comics to this day, and he set the bar for all the actors and voice actors to take up the mantle and cape after him.