Asian Pacific American Heritage Month – Ma Wing-shing

In 1976 Ma Wing Shing at the age of 15 entered the comic book world, his first published work was in Day Dream by Hei Po publications. But it was not until he worked on Wind and Cloud more commonly known as Storm Riders that he hit an all time high.  But in 1977 Hei Po was closed and Ma found himself working for Golden Comics and his art took a more realalistic tone and even found himself going back to the Academt of fine arts to help improve his skill. 

Upon returning after a years course Ma quit Golden Comics and moved to Ching Po and continued to make many comics; Evil ExperimentAssault 13AlienI Wanna be WomanSmall Luk’s Fight at Wudang and the Eve of the BattleMartial HouseSword and SpearDestroyerMy PursuitGreat Stealer 13Knowing YouMad DogSecurity GuardStory of Big-Nose BoyHillfire and Five Affairs. to name but a few. 

Ma continued to move companies until 1989 where he began his own company Jonesky Limted and from that format he realsed Storm Riders that has now been adapted into two films and still published to this day. Ma has also hosted numerous art expo’s of his work.

Check back tomorrow for another amazing artist!

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