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Secret Identity Dresses are here!

We’ve been working hard on designing our very first fashion line – Secret Identity Dresses. Jen has spent the past six months designing dresses, doing research and making prototypes. Her idea was to have dresses you could wear to work or out that would represent your favorite superhero (or supervillain!) without being an overall print. Over the weekend, we were able to have a small photo shoot thanks to the great folks over at The Maker Station.  Her final results are in, and we have the first two of our Secret Identity Dresses – Deadpool-inspired and Nightwing-inspired dresses. You can order them now in our Etsy store, and we’re working on more designs, both for characters and types of dresses! Let us know what you think – who would you like us to do next?

Deadpool-inspired Dress
Deadpool-inspired Dress
Nightwing-inspired Dress
Nightwing-inspired Dress

4 thoughts on “Secret Identity Dresses are here!

  1. Saw your post in the Geek Girl Bloggers community, and I love this project. You did a great job!! The dresses look great and quite chic. 🙂 (Obviously, I’d love to see anything Loki-related.)

  2. Wow! They look really cool! I am with Alice too~ I’d love to see Loki-related chic dressed too 😀

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