April Fool’s Day, Geek Style!

It’s that time again, where everyone tries to pull a prank or a joke. Here are our favorites from this year!


Google always does something fun on April 1.  This year, check out their new photo feature – David Hasselhoff photo bombs!

robiou 1-1















And Google map’s new feature to find the Pokemon Masters out there!


This year, Blizzard has released Outcast: Vengeance of the Vanquished! Or check out the awesome trailer below!


What started as innocent April Fool’s fake products has launched a whole new line for ThinkGeek – after the festivities are done, ThinkGeek has actually started making some of their products listed as jokes.  Check out ThinkGeek today, and tell us your favorite prank item.  We kind of love the Mr. Beard Beard Machine

What’s your favorite?

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