SecretsCon Wrap Up

We had a great time at the first-ever SecretsCon.  We got to meet some great folks, and want to introduce you to our new friends!


Another great Atlanta convention!  Pre-register now at

Board games, card games, role-playing games, videos and general geekiness.

285365_112995195466480_3731691_n Legion the GameThe first of many great things to come out of Terminus Productions LLC, Legion is a futuristic look at humanity’s existence in a state of constant war against an ever expanding list of antagonists. You take the role of a Legion Solider, outfitted by the military in hi tech armor called Legion Suits you defend against the Shade, alien usurpers, and ancient forces returning from exile in the far reaches of the galaxy.
The Music of Dr. Mary Crowell

Jazzy geek with a Southern flair! Check her out and buy her albums!

profile_picture_by_everwho-d46qeoh Talon Dunning, illustrator


A survivor of both Auburn University’s Fine Art school and White Wolf’s production intern program, Talon was the chief illustrator for the Ravenloft 3rd Edition Roleplaying Game and a regular in other Sword & Sorcery Studios projects as well as Mage The Awakening. He’s also done work for West End Games (D6, Star Wars, TORG Revised), Wizards of the Coast (Legend of the 5 Rings CCG, Star Wars RPG website), Kenzer & Co. (Kingdoms of Kalamar, Knights of the Dinner Table), Green Ronin (Mutants & Masterminds) as well as a host of other small-press RPG companies. And yes, that IS his real name.

Check out his fantastic artwork!

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