@KevinKauffmann Flies With the Crows

After meeting Kevin Kauffmann at DragonCon this past year, we knew we had to read his books!  Kevin has taken some time out of his busy writing schedule to sit down with us and chat about his first series, “The Icarus Trilogy”, containing the books Murder of Crows, Phoenix Rising, and Swan Song, which followsContinue reading “@KevinKauffmann Flies With the Crows”

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Last year, we started this little blog called the Geek Forge. In it, we gave away all our crafting secrets as we learned them, and shared our geek-life adventures. Since then, we’ve gotten a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a Tumblr account, an Instagram account, a Flickr account, opened an Etsy store,Continue reading “Happy New Year”

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