GMX 2013 – The best expo you’re not going to!

IMG_4278This past weekend, we were able to attend Geek Media Expo (GMX) in Franklin, TN.  The event is marketed as an expo instead of a convention, and this was certainly not like any convention we had ever attended.  The scheduling ranged from guest panel Q&As to swing dance lessons.  There were rooms for playing games, both the analog and digital type, and numerous conference rooms always full of activity.  Situated at a table between Timothy Zahn and Kristian Nairn was a representative from NASA, discussing the future of space travel with anyone who stopped by his table.

This is the fifth year for GMX, although the organizers brought some of their experience with MTAC with them.  The expo ran smoothly, and we didn’t notice any issues with security or out-of-control attendees.  The attendees varied as much as the activities provided, and there truly was something for everyone.  All the GMX volunteers were friendly and polite, as was the hotel staff.  That Southern hospitality we love so much was everywhere!

IMG_4283We are looking forward to GMX next year, and recommend that you mark your calendars for October 24-26, 2014! Like them on Facebook, and keep an eye out here for more GMX goodness throughout the week!

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