A vote for a donation

logo_mmsWe’re in the home stretch now!  Voting for the Chase Mission Main Street Grants ends on Friday, and as of 7:54 EST, we’re 173 votes away from our goal.  We’ve been blown away by the support our fans, old and new, have shown us, and we’d like to give that support back.  For every vote we receive, even if we don’t get the 250 votes, we will donate a dollar to the Red Cross Typhoon Relief Fund for our friends in the Philippines.

We would like to take our business full time to be able to share our geek with the world.  We’d love to open a brick-and-mortar store not only to sell our products, but hold classes to teach others how to craft like us.  And we’d love to be able to do more for our community, both locally and globally.

Click here to vote for us, and thank you in advance!

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