A Very Geeky Halloween – Pumpkins!

Photo from Geek of the Day
Photo from Geek of the Day

While we’re collecting awesome Halloween costumes, we thought it’d be fun to collect pictures of geeky pumpkins too!  We were inspired by one of our favorite geeks and her awesome Starcraft stencil.  You can download it here! And if you’re stuck, check out this article by LifeHacker on how to pick and carve the ultimate pumpkin.

Keep an eye out, we might do one or two geek designs ourselves!  Do you have an awesome geeky pumpkin carving?  Email us at thegeeksmiths@gmail.com so we can add it to our Very Geeky Halloween album on Facebook!  After the holiday, we’ll make an album here too, so future generations can see your awesomeness!

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