Cool People from Dragon Con 2013

We met some great folks over the weekend at Dragon Con, and wanted to give a few shout outs:

Volpin PropsIn the end, I’m just a dude in his garage and the only real thing I’m trying to do is build neat stuff. As long as I can keep learning and expanding my skills, I’ll be happy. 1150153_623869257633102_1016624288_n
spell_sword_cover_final Spell/SwordA self-published book about “friendship, minotaurs and subterranean empires ruled by mech-piloting bunnies. But mainly friendship.
Con Sweet ConThe home for all things San Diego Comic Con and nerd news that matters!
mcluster01-Banner The M ClusterLoosely defined we are a group of guys who consider themselves somewhat intelligent talking movies and doing funny shit.
Technorama Technorama is an award winning audio podcast that takes a light-hearted look at tech, science, sci-fi, and all things geek. Chuck Tomasi and Kreg Steppe have a good time covering odd and quirky news stories that many blogs, and most podcasts don’t cover. It’s like hanging out with your geeky friends and having a good time. 6820_161353096670_5685482_n

We also met some amazing photographers:

Your Mojo by Jojo logo
 John F Willis
Danny Hunter
 Al Butler

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