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Chamber Band takes Dungeons and Dragons to the next level!

We were able to catch up with Chamber Band during their busy schedule to talk a little bit about this new band, and their new album.tumblr_static_cb_deities_cover


Tell us a little about Chamber Band.

We’re five people lucky enough to be making whatever the hell we want to make. And the album that we just released happens to be based in the world of Dungeons and Dragons.

What inspired you to write a Dungeons and Dragons-themed album?

It came out of coincidence. I mean, I had these songs that I was sitting on that I’d written for this musical that kind of fell apart, and I started toying around with new lyrics for them. Just hoping that I’d find some way of salvaging them. And so I said Yeenoghu at one point while I was strumming, and that made me laugh, but didn’t think much of it. But it burrowed in my head. And so I came up with the idea for – first a musical, then a concept album, about people singing songs about love lost, pleading to various deities in that canon.

What DnD monster is your favorite and why?

It’s all in how you use them, I think. As much as I love a beholder, or a dragon, or something that obviously adds shades to an encounter, I get the most kick out of throwing a ton of minions at players, because I know — as a player — to expect big things from big enemies, but never from trash mobs. Kobolds, skeletons, hobgoblins — anything that can be handily dismissed, having one of them surrender to players, telling some sob story about how they were manipulated into combat, or were on the player’s side the whole time, that’s the kind of flipperoo I really love. In a sense, that’s what our band is trying to do: serving up something else, under the guise of the routine.

We’ve interviewed actors that would love to raise horses and writers who dreamed of waiting tables, if you weren’t working on this project, what project would you most like to do?

This project really just reaffirmed for me that there’s nothing that can hold you back, if you have the will to do something. Really. You just have to figure out the how. I love the band because a band can be anything. You can spend 90% churning out live albums or you can spend 90% of your time churning out music videos. It just depends on what you like to do. I want to tell stories, however that happens. Music is just one avenue. That said, we have this idea for a second album, which is so small and fragile right now that we only talk about it in whispers. That’s what I want to be doing. And I think we’re going to. We’ll murder anyone that tries to stop us. Literally just murder them until they are dead. And we won’t even try to hide it.

Everyone geeks out about something, what do you geek out about?

I’ve always been obsessed with storytelling. I’m the most active listener you know. I just can’t get enough details. And it’s self-serving, to some extent. I steal the best parts and use them all for myself. I’m like a blue mage. I absorb and appropriate.

You can download Chamber Band’s new album, Deities, here. Keep an eye on these guys!

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