Goo-Con 2013


We try and keep track of local Southern conventions, especially the ones happening here in Atlanta.  So when we heard about Goo-Con, we knew we had to check it out! And given Jen’s tech theatre background and our cosplay aspirations, this convention is right up our alley!

This coming July 13th adn 14th, the Nelson A Burke Co, LLC, better known as The Engineer Guy, is hosting Goo-Con, a 2-day convetion and workshop for amateur and provessional makeup artists, prop builders and special effects technicians.  The event will be held at the Student Activity Center at Clayton State University in Morrow, GA.

The growing film and television industry in Georgia has had a profound impact on The Engineer Guy.  Movies and television shows such as The Walking Dead, Three Stooges, Coma, Vampire Diaries, and many more have all prompted The Engineer Guy top fill it’s shelves with makeup and prop building materials, enabling these and other prodcution companies to buy what they need right here in Georgia, and take full advantage of teh State’s generoius tax credits.  The knowledgeable staff at The Engineer Guy enjoy a good challenge, and the many special projects of the movie industry give them a chance to stretch the limits of their expertise and creativity.

Goo-Con will feature workshops and panel discussions about many topics, including but not limited to specialeffects makeup, mold making, casting and costuming.  R.J. Haddy and Roy Wooley, stars of SyFy’s hit show FaceOff, will be the featured guests.  There will also be several dozen exhibitors and dealers offering their own products for viewing and sale.

Check out the Event Page on Facebook and The Engineer Guy Facebook page.  Get your tickets now – we’re going to be there!

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