Geek Forge Fitness Quest

We have recently started a group on Fitocracy, and today marks the start of our first fitness challenge!  Check out the details, and join us for an epic fantasy tabletop-themed fitness adventure, just in time to get you in shape for convention season!

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Geek Forge Fitness Quest

Fitocracy-LogoWe’ve always been fans of eating right and being healthy.  We joined Fitocracy, a site with a mobile app that lets you gamify your physical activities.  Everything from yard work to planks have a point value, and you level up as you continue to exercise.  The community is extremely supportive, and there are all sorts of people active.  So we thought it’d be fun to incorporate our geekiness with our exercise.

We’ve created a group – the Geek Forge Fitness Quest group – to have challenges to keep everyone in their top fitness game, while making it fun and geeky.  You do have to join Fitocracy to play, but joining is free, and you can do it with or without a Facebook or Twitter account.  We’re going to have 4-session quest challenges, and keep track of the leaders and participants here.  Missed the first session?  Don’t worry, we love new players!

Btwqva_largeQuest 2: Costumed Crusaders

July 26-August 9 – Up, up and away! (Session 1 of 4)

Captain Super Dude is looking for a new sidekick! He wants to see how fast you can run, how high you can jump, and what your best catchphrase is. On the other side of town, Doctor Destructionator is looking for a new sidekick as well. He wants to see how nefarious you can be, how complicated your schemes are, and how good you are in fighting off good! Both will be watching closely!

August 13-August 27 – More powerful than a locomotive! (Session 2 of 4)6211424597_ef5d5b9ae0

Captain Super Dude and Doctor Destructionator have chosen @jigokusei and @Kamapuaa to lead their teams. Now the two superpowers are on the hunt for the strongest man (or woman) around to add to their new teams. Lift those cars, and remember, you’re being watched!



Quest 1: Dungeons and Dragons

d_d_4.0_party_artMay 21-June 2 – Building the Party (Session 1 of 4)

It’s the first session of the tabletop game. You’ve all been thrown together for poorly-explained reasons that the GM doesn’t want to discuss anymore. Whoever gets the most points gets to be leader of the group! This is a series of four challenges for our first adventuring party!


5JyDLp_largeJune 6-June 20 – Journey to the Mountain (Session 2 of 4)

With supersoldier as the fearless leader, the ragtag group of adventurers set out from their small village to journey to the dreaded Mount Omahgawditsbig, where the fabled treasure of Dragon Greedy resides. This is the second in a series of four challenges for our first adventuring party!

6414June 21-July 6 – Down to the Dungeon (Session 3 of 4)

TheBarron, the skillful ranger, takes our adventurers down the path, and they finally reach the dreaded Mount Omahgawditsbig, Our heroes step inside to see that they must travel down, deep into the heart of the mountain to get to the fabled treasure of Dragon Greedy. This is the third in a series of four challenges for our first adventuring party!

Jred dragons horns gold fantasy art armor horde skeletons creatures swords_www.wallpaperhi.com_86uly 8-July 21 – Into the Belly of the Beast (Session 4 of 4)

It’s all led up to this – supersoldier leading the party, TheBarron finding the best path and rainsdance scouting ahead on the stairs. You are now in the lair of Dragon Greedy. The mountains of jewels and gold are greater than any story you’ve ever heard. As you stuff treasure into your pockets, Dragon Greedy starts to stir. With a mighty roar, the ground shakes and it’s time to get out of there without becoming dragon chow! This is the final session in a series of four challenges for our first adventuring party!

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