What happens when you combine actors, comedians, drinking and Dungeons and Dragons?  You get an amazing recipe for hilarity!  CritJuice is a website that features biweekly podcasts that follow the adventures of Arience the wizard (Daniel Acker), Doc Keratin the cleric (Matt Buchholtz), Dar’Jjeeki the sorcerer (Matt Cook), Gub the fighter (Tom Fonss), Franklin “Wolf” Lewis the ranger (Brian McGrath) and Gralford Stoneshied the swordmage (Gary M. Soldati) as they travel, seeking treasure, adventure, and princess points, all while rolling dice under the influence.  Listeners get a chance to influence the game by submitting their ideas for the Drinking Gods and the Crit Decks, adding an extra element of participation not found in other podcasts. David Crennen, the Dungeon Master (or DM), weaves an incredible story, rich with imagery and character voices, while our heroes fight off assassins, sneak through secret headquarters, navigate a river of ooze and more! To add funny to fantasy, the players drink at pre-determined events – Initiative, Crits, Achievements, and Action Points – as well as whatever the Drinking Gods (the listeners) decree.

The site also features a weeky blog by David Crennen giving tips and tricks to DMs and players alike, and Crit Concoctions, how-to videos on making great DnD adult-themed drinks.

Whether you’ve been rolling d20s since you were a teenager, or don’t know what a d20 is, CritJuice is the perfect blend of imagination, comedy and alcohol.  Just one podcast, and you’ll be bellying up to the bar for more!

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