New Year 2013

Happy New Year! Last year, we started this little blog called the Geek Forge. In it, we gave away all our crafting secrets as we learned them, and shared our geek-life adventures. Since then, we’ve gotten a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a Tumblr account, an Instagram account, a Flickr account, opened an Etsy store, and got a ton of new followers! This year, we want to keep growing and keep sharing our love of all things geek, so here are some things we’ve got coming up!

1. More author interviews! We’ve got some really great new author friends on Twitter, so each month we’ll do an interview and tell you about their work. Have an author to recommend, or want to be interviewed? Let us know!

2. More geek goods! Our Etsy store continues to grow slowly. Right now, it features comic book-inspired accessories, and our plan is to continue to expand. Want to see something that isn’t there? Let us know!

3. Contests! You might have noticed over on our Facebook page that we started posting photos on Fridays with fabulous prizes. We plan to continue with this every Friday morning before 10 AM EST, so keep your eyes open!

4. More costumes! This year, we’re planning two new costumes for DragonCon, and have requests for making for others. As always, we’ll post picture instructions and our secret techniques.

5. More conventions! This year we’re planning to go to DragonCon as well as GenCon. We’ll keep the photo fun flowing, and maybe sneak a video in!

Do you have suggestions for awesome things we can do this year or great places we can go? Let us know! Leave a comment, post on our Facebook wall, send us a tweet, or drop us an email! We love hearing from y’all!

Wear your geek proudly, and may 2013 be your geekiest year yet!

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