Mildly Exciting Tales of Astonishment

“In Mildly Exciting Tales of Astonishment (or META — awesome, right?), we follow the misadventures of a group of heroes as they deal with the absurd, mundane tasks that plague us all. In META, you’ll learn how heroes must be conscious of their branding, why it’s not the best idea to build your secret lair under the subway system, what happens when a super mom has to find a decent daycare facility and what it takes to interview for the position of henchman. And you might just learn a little bit about yourself along the way. But probably not.”

Some Friends of the Forge™ Jonathan Strickland of How Stuff Works and  the lovely and talented Ariel K. Stewart (serious, you should hear her sing) have launched a Kickstarter for their awesome web-series Mildly Exciting Tales of Astonishment. You should check it out their Tumblr,  and pony up some disposable cash. This show is going to kick ass.


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