This is a costume which was done as a commission.  The costumer did the majority of the work – he found the great jacket, BDUs, painted the helmet and the shield.  Jen made the shirt, and here’s how she did it:

The client wanted the t-shirt style of shirt, since he didn’t want spandex.  After some exhaustive searching, I finally found a t-shirt pattern
Jersey!  Nice, bright colors  
Since Captain America has the split shirt, and this costume is supposed to be worn during some of the hottest days in Atlanta, I decided to make one shirt that looked like two.  
Next, the sleeves and collar were added.  The original pattern didn’t have a high collar, so I doubled the height of it.
Then it’s time to sketch out the star.
I cut the red stripes at 3″ wide.  Since jersey tends to fray, I folded 1/2″ on each side for a nice, clean line.
 After the star and stripes were attached.  

Finished product:

Here’s a very satisfied customer!