Our friend over at Phoenix FX: Innovative Makeup Design was inspired by the superhero eye makeup seen at The Mary Sue and took up the challenge! Each week for the next four weeks, we’ll share his awesome makeup designs. Check out their Facebook page for more!

Week 1 – Northstar


Northstar is a Marvel superhero, most notably in recent news for being one of the first openly gay superheros in American comics, having married his partner Kyle Jinadu in June of 2012.  He is the twin brother of superhero Aurora, and both are founding members of Alpha Flight.


Here’s the makeup design
And here’s some shots of the makeup applied

Week 2 – Poison Ivy


Poison Ivy, or Pamela Isley, is a DC villain, who continuously tries to take over Gotham with plants.  In the New 52, she is the leader of the Birds of Prey.

Here’s the makeup design


And here are some shots of the makeup applied

Week 3 – Dark Phoenix


Phoenix, or Jean Grey, is a Marvel character and an original member of the X-Men.  She was also in Sony Picutre’s X-Men triology, played by Famke Janssen. In the Dark Phoenix Saga, Jean Grey is turned into an instrument of evil.

Here’s the makeup design


And here’s some shots of the makeup applied

Week 4 – Green Lantern


Hal Jordan is the most recognizable Green Lantern thanks to the Warner Brothers 2011 movie starring Ryan Reynolds.  The Green Lantern Corps is an intergalactic police force, trying to keep peace in the galaxy.

Here’s the makeup design


And here are some shots of the applied makeup