Jaq – 2012

For the Shadowrun costume for DragonCon 2012, Jen has decided she’s mostly satisfied with the base costume. So now it’s time for updates!

The rigger and pilot


The Shadowrun character is supposed to be a rigger – someone who specializes in vehicles and drones. In the game, Jaq flies the plane and rides an awesome motorcycle. For DragonCon, we have to scale down a bit. So instead, we’ll be making drones!
This is the “drone”. An RC helicopter that is controlled via iPhone. Here’s what the interface looks like:
It’s pretty fancy. And here are some shots of the helicopter:

The plan is to modify so it looks less like a police helicopter, as well as build an arm-mount for the iPhone so it looks very future-like.

Here’s another potential drone
Another screen image
And new elf ears
And new hair sticks!

Costume Aspects

To make the costume look more “biker-like”, I picked up some pleather pants
The most involved update is the arm protector. I wanted to mount my iPhone into an arm brace. I went with the Century Martial Arts arm protector
After a round with nail polish remover, I was able to take off the lettering and leave a nice, clean, black slate
I found a great hard case in green on Amazon. Why green? Because she’s supposed to have ties to the Ancients of course!
Using an Exacto blade, I cut a hole in the arm protector
I then used some hot glue to make sure the case isn’t going anywhere
Since Jaq has some history, I put the Ancients symbol on the back of the jacket using green electrical tape
And no Shadowrun costume is really complete without pimping out your favorite medical kids. Brian custom-ordered these Doc Wagon patches. They arrived too late to use last year, but it looks awesome!

Finished Product

And here’s the 2012 DragonCon Debut!

Day 2 - Shadowrun
Day 2 - Shadowrun
Day 2 - Jaq (Shadowrun)


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    How did I miss this?!? I love Shadowrun. You all look great.

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