Doctor Fate – 2010

Doctor Fate

This is the beginning of Jen’s DragonCon and costuming journey, so the pictures are a little sparse compared to other pages. I went with a Victorian-inspired costume.

Here’s my step-by-step process:

  1. Concept art
  2. Patterns and fabrics
  3. “Found” pieces
  4. Making and customizing pieces
  5. Props
  6. Putting it all together

1.Concept Art. I never start a costuming project without concept art. That way, I always have something to look at when I’m getting frustrated with a small detail.

Female Doctor Fate concept sketch
Female Doctor Fate concept sketch

2.Patterns and fabric

This is the pattern I selected, minus the sleeves
Here’s a picture of the pattern cut out
  • I went with this shiny blue fabric for the dress.
  • I also used some gold padded fabric to make the “corset”, although I didn’t snag any pictures of it.

Top3.“Found” pieces.

  • I found these boots at the local thrift store. Unfortunately, the boots disintegrated about two hours after I started wearing them.

    There was some sort of spandex "sock" attached
    There was some sort of spandex “sock” attached

Top4.Making and customizing pieces

  • Unfortunately, I didn’t get many pictures of my process. Here’s a shot of putting the dress together:
  • I ended up painting the toes of the boots gold, but no pictures.
  • Here’s the completed dress:


  • Since I was going with a theme version instead of something straight out of a comic book page, I decided to make a spellbook.

    I had this book lying around, so I brush-painted it gold
    I had this book lying around, so I brush-painted it gold
  • Doctor Fate’s symbol is an ankh, so I made one out of cardboard and painted it, to attach to the front of the spellbook.

Top6.Putting it all together
I managed to find one picture of the whole outfit

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